Administrative law

Administrative law concerns a very wide area of law and at the same time affects our lives in a significant way. For ordinary citizens, it is evident mainly in dealing with the authorities and when various official decisions are issued - everywhere where the state feels the need to affect our private life.

This happens most obviously during a construction proceeding - without a building permit, virtually no construction can be realized. In the administrative proceeding, however, proceeding before Land Register Office takes place, too - transfer of proprietary rights to immovable things, deposit of lien and many other operations with immovable assets.

As part of the administrative law, suspicion of offense will be also discussed - and at the same time,it is indecisive whether from the area of civic coexistence or if you are at risk of getting a fine for speeding.

Administrative law includes all the public sector and local and regional authorities and even there, our attorneys often perform legal services.

Administrative law affects trade (customs), social affairs, public health, the environment, and culture, if we are to mention not the most important ones, but certainly the most frequent areas we deal with and where our clients are recruited from.

It would be incorrect to neglect affairs of asylum, citizenship and permanent residence, etc., that is in this case the specific area of human rights.

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