Civil law

We offer our clients a hand in resolving legal matters that many of us may encounter in the course of our lives, but also before and after that.

We deal with legal issues of unborn children rights and later on the marital issues and the joint property of spouses. In some cases the following issues arise: divorce and related property settlement and issues of housing.

We advise our client on issues of immovable assets transfer and movables transfer, when grant is being provided or loans received and their provision and drawing up contracts. We provide safe-keeping. We deal with personal law and protection of privacy.

Life is never simple and sometimes accidents or damages happen, or an unreturned loan. Whether you are on either side, we can help you.

We always look for a way to satisfy the interests of our clients. Sometimes, however, there is no other way but to turn to the court to decide. We have many years of experience with representation in the proceedings, judicial as well as arbitration. In the end, in the national competition Law firm of the year we have repeatedly become a strongly recommended law firm for dispute resolution and arbitration.

We are here for all your life.

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