A part of the wide range of legal services, which we provide, is also the legal service for entrepreneurs in their business relations including solving status issues of commercial corporations.

We believe that for our work it is irrelevant whether the client is a natural person with their own business or a multi-national corporation. With our clients, we seek to act according to their individual needs and in a manner that complies with them. All entrepreneurs may have complex legal problems that we are ready to solve and provide them with a helping hand.

We are ready to provide our clients with legal services at an early stage of their business, when drawing up a model contractual documentation, drawing up and negotiating any contracts for specific business cases, when asserting claims arising from contracts, and of course from non-contractual obligations (damages, unjust enrichment). We represent our clients on the court recover their claims in execution and in insolvency proceedings.

The added-value of our services consists among other things in the specialization of our attorneys and the possibility of a mutual consultation, which results in finding the most appropriate procedure in the specific case of our client. We can assess whether the proposed commercial transaction is in accordance with criminal law so as to protect our client from the consequences of criminal liability - natural persons as well as legal entities.

We have the advantage of years of experience in large scale debt recovery for our clients. For the process to be effective, we have a highly experienced staff and of course the computer technology enabling us to simplify the whole process.

And we also provide legal services in the area of commercial law of course, such as corporate business relations solutions between the company and its statutory representatives including asserting claims between the two parties, adjusting social contracts and articles of association, managing general meetings, etc.

Sometimes there is no other way than to turn to the court to decide. We have many years of experience with representation in the proceedings, judicial as well as arbitration. In the end, we are a strongly recommended law firm for dispute resolution and arbitration and we have received the award for a Law firm of the year contest, repeatedly.

Become our client

It is not at all difficult to become our client. You can simply contact us first via email or our contact form and briefly describe the matter, in which you request our legal services. Soon after that we will contact you and together, preferably in a personal meeting, we will discuss the details of our taking over the matter.

Where to find us?

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