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Information on the state of emergency declared in the Czech Republic

We announce that Advokátní kancelář Brož & Sokol & Novák s.r.o. in connection with the declared state of emergency has not interrupted its activity and is not obliged to do so under any emergency measures.

We continue to provide legal services under a regime that allows us to do so. We have taken measures to limit people's contact and, as a result, we limit personal consultations with clients and others to absolutely necessary cases. We also do not accept cash payments until further notice.

If you would like to discuss anything with our law firm, please contact us by phone at +420 224 941 946 (Prague) or +420 581 705 841 (Přerov) before travelling to the office or contact a colleague who is already dealing with you. You can also contact us by email or contact form, which you can find in the "contact" section of this website.

We are also available at our online platform to consult your legal enquiries from anywhere.

Advokátní kancelář Brož & Sokol & Novák s.r.o.



Become our client

It is not at all difficult to become our client. You can simply contact us first via email or our contact form and briefly describe the matter, in which you request our legal services. Soon after that we will contact you and together, preferably in a personal meeting, we will discuss the details of our taking over the matter.

Where to find us?

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