We provide legal services in a wide range of law in force in the territory of the Czech Republic, both to natural persons and legal entities. The foundation consists of legal services in areas of private law - particularly civil and commercial, and in areas of public law - criminal law in particular.

Except for the general agenda, our attorneys deal with debt recovery for legal or natural persons, real estate transfers, business corporation agenda and general meeting management.

In the area of criminal law our attorneys deal with long-term defending in complex criminal matters related to business and economic activities in general and making claims and representing injured persons in the criminal proceedings.

Our attorneys provide legal services in other areas of law as well, such as family, work, bankruptcy (insolvency), construction law and representation in matters of administrative proceedings in general. Some of our attorneys have a special focus on issues of electronic law - computer law (IT law). We provide legal services in the area of privacy protection, including claims arising from its restrictions and defending against made claims and the related issues under press law. A part of the legal services provided, is also recovering claims from occurrences of loss including any claims from road traffic accidents, accidents at work and claims incurred in the exercise of health care.

In long-term, our law provides legal services to legal persons in cases of large scale debt recovery, i.e. in cases where the number of debtors is in hundreds or thousands.

Our attorneys have experience in representing our clients in courts of all stages, including the Constitutional Court, as well as the European Court of Human Rights.

Our law firm is able to provide the necessary legal services in the areas of tax and accountancy by virtue of permanent cooperation with tax and accounting specialists.

Legal services are provided not only to Czech but also foreign bodies, in particular from the countries of the European Union. The law firm is able to provide legal services to foreign clients in English, German, French - on the native speaker level.

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The firm is also a member of a network international law and advisory firms GGI. Through the network, our law firm is able to deliver high-quality legal services for our client virtually all over the world.

When providing legal services, we carefully observe all the duties that result from professional rules applicable to the lawyer profession performance in the Czech Republic, which are issued by the Czech Bar Association as well as by the Charter of core principles of the European legal profession and the Code of Conduct for European lawyers, which have been issued by The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

The time we have spent operating on the legal services market and particularly the response of public and experts to our services and their quality may perhaps justify us to price our work in such a way that it would not be available for a part of our clientele. We are, however, a purely Czech law firm and that is why our prices for legal services conform to the Czech environment. Our clients may, in agreement with us, use all the possibilities of the Lawyer's Tariff, i. e. the hourly rate, rate for individual actions, rate consisting in remuneration that is to and even a shareholder reward, eventually.

In conclusion - you can also afford our work.

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